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Sep 14

“Mammalian Mass Extinction Looms”

Humpback Whale, O'ahu

THE EASTERNER October 15, 2008 Edition  —  By Scott Davis, Staff Writer. I think people should be particularly aware of the confounding discovery reported on CNN’s Web page last week, “1 in 4 Mammals at Risk of Extinction, Scientists Say.”   Basically, the article states what is self-evident in the title — that a quarter of …

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Sep 13

“Science Versus Politics in Hawaii”

Endangered Hawaiian monk seal

“Will scientific facts prevail, or will political force reign supreme?” By Pam Davis, Animal Advocate Inc. (2010) The protections which have been put into place to protect our precious and irreplaceable natural resources are being unraveled and systematically destroyed by our own State government, namely, the Department of Land and Natural Resources (“DLNR”) and its …

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Sep 11

“Ban On Lay Gill Nets The Only Answer”

Endangered hawaiian Monk Seal

HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN June 1, 2007 I am sickened at the thought of the male monk seal frantically trying to free himself from a gill net and, unable to get to the surface to breathe, drowning. (“Newswatch,” May 30).    I observed the male and his mate in a cove at Kaena Point recently.  They nuzzled …

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