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Sep 16

“The Pearl City Feral Cats”

The Deaths of 10 Cats at the Hands of the City — Why Did They Have to Die?   On October 6, 2010, Animal Advocate Inc. received word that Mr. Richard Crabbe, an employee at the Pearl City Refuse Yard (952 3rd Street in Pearl City, O’ahu), was ordered to trap the feral cats who …

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Sep 14

“Foes Use Scare Tactics Against the Dog-Meat Bill”

Honolulu Star-Bulletin The Gathering Place Vol. 10, Issue 51, Sunday, February 20, 2005   A few months ago, many of your readers saw articles and TV reports about information exposing a thriving dog-meat trade in Hawai’i. Evidence — including audio and video recordings with an individual who buys and sells dog meat — documented conversations …

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Sep 13

“Senator Says: Don’t Feed the Cats!”

UPDATE  —  SUCCESS! We have learned today that Senator Clarence Nishihara, who is the Introducer of SB2017 (imposing a $1,000 fine for feeding feral cats, see story below), informed EnviroWatch, Inc. that he has asked the Chairwoman of the Committee to which the bill was referred NOT to schedule the bill for hearing! Senator Nishihara …

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Sep 11

“AnimalAid – India”

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. I’d like to think that in every society, town and village, all around the world, there will always be at least someone who feels a kinship with animals, and tries to help them if they are sick or otherwise in need.  Fortunately for animals in India, AnimalAid Hospital is working on their …

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Sep 10

“Not Just Dogs, Cats Should Be Protected”

Honolulu Advertiser February 24, 2005 I appreciated your editorial because you said we must confront the issue of the dog-meat trade, and noted that it forces us to define our societal values.   You said that the issue of which animals are fit for consumption is “entirely arbitrary.” This is an important statement.  We eat pigs, …

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Sep 09

“Pet’s Slaying No Surprise in Animal-Cruel Hawaii”

Honolulu Star-Bulletin THE GATHERING PLACE Vol 11, Issue 323  —  Sunday, November 19, 2006 By Pamela Davis Editor’s note:   Police on Nov. 10 charged Joseph B. Calarruda V in the killing of a pet pig named Porky who once was featured in an Island Air commercial.  Porky was cornered by hunting dogs in the …

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Sep 08

“Fight Global Warming By Going Vegetarian”

THE HONOLULU WEEKLY Vol. 17, No. 5,  January 31 – February 6, 2007 Thank you for your cover story on the Climate Project and Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth (“Being Al Gore” by Joan Conrow, 1/24). You list six other films that offer tools and resources to deal with important issues, one of which was …

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Sep 06

“What? No Cheesesteaks?”

THE HONOLULU WEEKLY Vol. 14 , No. 24,  June 16 – 22, 2004   Two articles caught my attention in this week’s edition:  “The Zone” and “McGriddle Me This” (6/9).   “The Zone” highlighted three healthy-lifestyle books, and the latter critiqued a new movie exploring what happens to a man when he eats McDonald’s exclusively …

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Sep 06

"Eating Organic"

Sep 05

“Elected Officials Must Be Held Accountable”

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Vol. 11, Issue 13  —  Friday, January 13, 2004 The November edition of Applied Animal Behavior Science contains a study based upon observations of 15 two-year-old grazing cows, which revealed that cows choose leaders based on intelligence, confidence and experience.  Wouldn’t it be great if we humans used the same criteria in choosing …

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