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Sep 16

“The Pearl City Feral Cats”

The Deaths of 10 Cats at the Hands of the City — Why Did They Have to Die?   On October 6, 2010, Animal Advocate Inc. received word that Mr. Richard Crabbe, an employee at the Pearl City Refuse Yard (952 3rd Street in Pearl City, O’ahu), was ordered to trap the feral cats who …

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Sep 14

“Foes Use Scare Tactics Against the Dog-Meat Bill”

Honolulu Star-Bulletin The Gathering Place Vol. 10, Issue 51, Sunday, February 20, 2005   A few months ago, many of your readers saw articles and TV reports about information exposing a thriving dog-meat trade in Hawai’i. Evidence — including audio and video recordings with an individual who buys and sells dog meat — documented conversations …

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Sep 12

How We Treat Animals Reflects Our Humanity

  Honolulu Star-Bulletin Vol. 13, Issue 90 Sunday, March 30, 2008  “How we treat animals reflects our humanity” Lately there have been many news stories and letters to the editor regarding animal cruelty, including the dog that was stolen and killed (for food), the “pet” pigs who were brutally killed (for food), and, of course, …

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Sep 06

“Rodeo Counterpoint”

THE HONOLULU WEEKLY Vol. 14 , No. 24  –  July 10 – 16, 2002 I sure wish you hadn’t run a story on the rodeo as a Hot Pick (“Bucking Good Time!” HW, 7/3) and that you hadn’t given it even more prominence with a photo of a bull on your cover with the word …

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Sep 05

“Big Cats Don’t Live For Our Amusement”

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Sunday, June 13, 2004   Once again this year, the state fair has chosen to have an animal act.  I say “chosen” because the decision is a choice, not a necessity.  In the past, it has been chimps, donkeys and other unfortunate animals.  This year, it is a beautiful tiger, forced to perform …

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