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Feb 12

“Rusti The Orangutan”

Producer/director Pam Davis, screenwriter Scott Davis

“Journey to Utopia” By Scott Davis, 10/19/12 Animal Advocate Inc.’s film “Rusti Escapes!” wins award for Best Short Film at the 2012 Utopia Film Festival Judged against more than 30 independent short films from across the world, “Rusti Escapes!” was one of four films in the festival to receive an award. The documentary is … …

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Feb 11

“Wisdom From Antiquity to Present”


“Wisdom From Antiquity to Present” Animal Advocate Inc’s newest video features more than 20 of the most powerful animal rights quotes from history’s most enlightened leaders. This uplifting and empowering 6-minute video is played to Pachelbel’s Canon, and is a testimony to the essential truth that human happiness is inextricably tied to our treatment of …

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Jan 15

Where is Rex?

Elzbieta Trzeciak poses with Rex and Nel.

WHERE IS REX?  Hawaiian Humane Society adopts woman’s dog to another family   By PAM DAVIS and SCOTT DAVIS, Animal Advocate Inc., 1/15/12 Imagine flying across the world to raise money for homeless children in Africa, returning home and finding your own “child” is missing. That’s what happened to Elzbieta Trzeciak of O’ahu, who was …

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Sep 16

“The Pearl City Feral Cats”

The Pearl City Refuse Yard, City property

The Deaths of 10 Cats at the Hands of the City — Why Did They Have to Die?   On October 6, 2010, Animal Advocate Inc. received word that Mr. Richard Crabbe, an employee at the Pearl City Refuse Yard (952 3rd Street in Pearl City, O’ahu), was ordered to trap the feral cats who …

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Sep 15

“The Hawaiian Humane Society’s Conduct in the Norman Pang Case”

Norman Pang Talks to the Press

OUR LETTERS REGARDING THE HAWAIIAN HUMANE SOCIETY Mr. Norman Pang, formerly of Animal Haven, a no-kill animal shelter in Waianae (O’ahu), has filed a lawsuit in FEDERAL COURT against the Hawaiian Humane Society (“HHS”), and others.  Animal Advocate Inc. is very concerned about the conduct of the HHS as described in court filings in the …

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Sep 14

“Mammalian Mass Extinction Looms”

Humpback Whale, O'ahu

THE EASTERNER October 15, 2008 Edition  —  By Scott Davis, Staff Writer. I think people should be particularly aware of the confounding discovery reported on CNN’s Web page last week, “1 in 4 Mammals at Risk of Extinction, Scientists Say.”   Basically, the article states what is self-evident in the title — that a quarter of …

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Sep 14

“Downer Cows, the Meat Supply, and You”

On March 4, 2008, about 17 tons of potentially tainted and dangerous meat was dumped at the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill on the Waianae Coast of O’ahu.  We have photos and video of the dumping of the meat. According to media reports, Hawaii school cafeterias were instructed to store any raw and/or frozen beef they might …

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Sep 14

“Death of the Dog-Meat Bill and The Failure of Our Legislature”

The dogmeat trade

The Island Vegetarian Issue:  Apr – Jun 2005 by Pam Davis, VSH Member   As some of you may remember, a few months ago we told you about an undercover investigation revealing the existence of a thriving dog-meat trade in our state.   The investigation was conducted by Carroll Cox of EnviroWatch, Inc. Mr. Cox posed …

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Sep 14

“Foes Use Scare Tactics Against the Dog-Meat Bill”

Sen. Chun-Oakland

Honolulu Star-Bulletin The Gathering Place Vol. 10, Issue 51, Sunday, February 20, 2005   A few months ago, many of your readers saw articles and TV reports about information exposing a thriving dog-meat trade in Hawai’i. Evidence — including audio and video recordings with an individual who buys and sells dog meat — documented conversations …

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Sep 14

“A Horse Wandering”

      Recently, Animal Advocate Inc. was contacted regarding a horse, observed walking unattended along Kamehameha Highway in Waipio.  We found that the horse belongs to the Ironworker’s Union. An unattended horse along the highway poses a risk of traffic accidents where both the horse and humans could be in danger.  In addition, we …

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