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Sep 15

“The Hawaiian Humane Society’s Conduct in the Norman Pang Case”

OUR LETTERS REGARDING THE HAWAIIAN HUMANE SOCIETY Mr. Norman Pang, formerly of Animal Haven, a no-kill animal shelter in Waianae (O’ahu), has filed a lawsuit in FEDERAL COURT against the Hawaiian Humane Society (“HHS”), and others.  Animal Advocate Inc. is very concerned about the conduct of the HHS as described in court filings in the …

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Sep 11

“AnimalAid – India”

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. I’d like to think that in every society, town and village, all around the world, there will always be at least someone who feels a kinship with animals, and tries to help them if they are sick or otherwise in need.  Fortunately for animals in India, AnimalAid Hospital is working on their …

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