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Sep 13

“Our Leaders Aren’t Doing Enough About Avian Flu”


Honolulu Star-Bulletin The Gathering Place Vol. 10, Issue 291  –  Tuesday, October 18, 2005 By Pamela Davis   When Bill Frist, M.D., Senate majority leader, tells the Washington Times that the bird flu virus “poses an immense potential threat to American civilization,” you know something’s up. What are the odds of a pandemic? Two weeks …

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Sep 12

“Cause for Significant Concern”


FSIS Notice No. 65-07,  issued October 12, 2007 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), is titled “Notice of Reassessment for Escherichia Coli O157:H7 Control and Completion of a Checklist for all Beef Operations.” Strangely, this FSIS (Food Safety and Inspection Service) Notice is for internal use only, i.e., not for release to the public.  Its …

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Sep 12

“Veg Voyage To India”

Taj Mahal

The Island Vegetarian Vol. 19, Issue 4, Oct.-Dec. 2008 Would you like to travel to a place far away, eat delicious and exotic food, meet friendly people, and enjoy beautiful scenery and historic places?   If so, please consider traveling with Veg Voyages.  We traveled in the Rajasthan region in northwestern India on the “Desert Kingdoms …

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Sep 12

How We Treat Animals Reflects Our Humanity


  Honolulu Star-Bulletin Vol. 13, Issue 90 Sunday, March 30, 2008  “How we treat animals reflects our humanity” Lately there have been many news stories and letters to the editor regarding animal cruelty, including the dog that was stolen and killed (for food), the “pet” pigs who were brutally killed (for food), and, of course, …

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Sep 11

“Ban On Lay Gill Nets The Only Answer”

Endangered hawaiian Monk Seal

HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN June 1, 2007 I am sickened at the thought of the male monk seal frantically trying to free himself from a gill net and, unable to get to the surface to breathe, drowning. (“Newswatch,” May 30).    I observed the male and his mate in a cove at Kaena Point recently.  They nuzzled …

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Sep 11

“AnimalAid – India”

A cow waiting for his bread

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. I’d like to think that in every society, town and village, all around the world, there will always be at least someone who feels a kinship with animals, and tries to help them if they are sick or otherwise in need.  Fortunately for animals in India, AnimalAid Hospital is working on their …

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Sep 10

“Not Just Dogs, Cats Should Be Protected”

Dog-meat victim

Honolulu Advertiser February 24, 2005 I appreciated your editorial because you said we must confront the issue of the dog-meat trade, and noted that it forces us to define our societal values.   You said that the issue of which animals are fit for consumption is “entirely arbitrary.” This is an important statement.  We eat pigs, …

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Sep 09

“Pet’s Slaying No Surprise in Animal-Cruel Hawaii”


Honolulu Star-Bulletin THE GATHERING PLACE Vol 11, Issue 323  —  Sunday, November 19, 2006 By Pamela Davis Editor’s note:   Police on Nov. 10 charged Joseph B. Calarruda V in the killing of a pet pig named Porky who once was featured in an Island Air commercial.  Porky was cornered by hunting dogs in the …

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Sep 08

“Fight Global Warming By Going Vegetarian”

Burning the rainforest to make more pasture land

THE HONOLULU WEEKLY Vol. 17, No. 5,  January 31 – February 6, 2007 Thank you for your cover story on the Climate Project and Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth (“Being Al Gore” by Joan Conrow, 1/24). You list six other films that offer tools and resources to deal with important issues, one of which was …

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Sep 06

“Livestock Production Degrades Environment”

warning manure lagoon

Honolulu Advertiser November 12, 2004  I must take issue with your Nov. 1 editorial, “Right policies can reverse ag decline.” I do not disagree with your position on the ag land inventory or tax policies. However, you are dead wrong about the livestock issue. You bemoan the decline in the number of livestock operations in …

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