Sep 06

“What? No Cheesesteaks?”


Vol. 14 , No. 24,  June 16 – 22, 2004


Two articles caught my attention in this week’s edition:  “The Zone” and “McGriddle Me This” (6/9).   “The Zone” highlighted three healthy-lifestyle books, and the latter critiqued a new movie exploring what happens to a man when he eats McDonald’s exclusively for 30 days.  Predictably, it “pickled” his liver, shot up his cholesterol, affected his sex drive and even caused depression.  His body became “lethargic and flabby.”  Really?   Duh.

On the other hand, the Hawai’i Diet, the Okinawa Diet Plan and the McDougall Plan advocate fruits, veggies, legumes, grains and importantly, very little or no meat/dairy.  The overall result?  Healthy, lean, high-energy bodies with a much lower incidence of diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, etc.   If the U.S. government cared at all about the health of Americans, it would advocate a vegetarian diet (or at least a diet with only a small amount of animal protein). Instead, they subsidize the meat and dairy industry.  Large, tubular tins of what I call “mystery meat” are fed to our children in school lunches.   You need a special permission slip if you want your child to drink something other than milk. Bad choices are ingrained early, carrying over into adulthood.

Meanwhile, the Weekly continues to spotlight restaurants touting Japanese cheesecake, rack of lamb, N.Y. strip steaks and scallops in butter sauce (see “New and Noteworthy,” same edition).   However, I applaud you for the articles on healthy lifestyles, and exposing the deleterious effects of a meat-based diet.

Please continue to feature such stories, and frequently.

– Pamela Davis,  Honolulu