Sep 14

“A Horse Wandering”




Recently, Animal Advocate Inc. was contacted regarding a horse, observed walking unattended along Kamehameha Highway in Waipio.  We found that the horse belongs to the Ironworker’s Union.

An unattended horse along the highway poses a risk of traffic accidents where both the horse and humans could be in danger.  In addition, we were concerned about the open sores on the horse’s back, and wounds on his legs.




We documented the situation with photos.




We notified the Ironworker’s Union, which to their credit, took prompt action.  Within a few days, the horse received the needed medical attention.  The Ironworker’s Union then notified us, to let us know what happened.

Take a look at our correspondence with the Ironworker’s Union, and the report from the veterinarian who treated the horse.

Click each link below to read:

1)    Our letters to the Ironworker’s Union, April 15, 2009 and April 22, 2009

2)    The Ironworker’s Union e-mail response on April 20

3)    The veterinary report from Dr. Manny Himenes of the Oahu Equine Veterinary Clinic, reporting on the condition of the horse.